Jane Victoria Stuart is the daughter of Robin and Andrew Stuart.


Early life

Jane was born in 1920 on Prince Edward Island, probably in Queen's Shore, to Robin and Andrew Stuart. For the first three years of her life she lived with both her mother and father until one day, Robin's mother, Victoria Kennedy, who despised the marriage between Robin and Andrew, sent a letter asking for Robin to visit her in Toronto. Robin took the then three-year-old Jane with her to 60 Gay, not knowing that she would not come back for a long time.

Life in Toronto

Not knowing that she had a father, Jane spent the first ten years of her life living miserably at 60 Gay believing that he was dead. The day she learned was when a girl named Agnes Ripley, who attended school at St. Agatha's with her, revealed that her father was alive and living in Prince Edward Island. Later that day, Jane asked Robin if she had a father and Robin, hoping to forget about Andrew, reluctantly revealed the truth to Jane.

The first summer in PEI

Not soon after, in June of 1831, Andrew sent a letter asking that Jane stay with him at Prince Edward Island for the summer. Knowing what Agnes said about her father and mother not wanting her as a baby, Jane was reluctant to go and leave her mother.

However, when she arrived in Prince Edward Island, she found that her father was nothing like she'd imagined. In fact, he was the mysterious writer Kenneth Howard, whose face Jane had seen in Saturday Evening, a newspaper that he wrote for.


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